About Red Pen Wench

Red Pen Wench was founded by Jillian Kinsey in New York City in 2014. What began as a tiny, local side hustle has since become a nationwide career services business with a team of professional writers. Voted one of New York’s Top 10 Best Resume Writing Services, Red Pen Wench has earned a five-star business rating on Yelp, Google, Thumbtack, and Facebook.

About Our Team

The Red Pen Wench team consists of highly experienced writers, recruiters, academic advisors, and career coaches from all over the United States. We’ve earned degrees in writing, communication, education, marketing, and academic counseling from prestigious institutions including Harvard University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, Villanova University, and the City University of London. With a genuine passion for crafting content that showcases each client’s unique skill set and career journey, we’ve written hundreds of resumes across over 70 industries for professionals around the world.

Jillian Kinsey

About Our Founder

“We are what we know. Growing up, my mother was an English teacher. I’d sit with her at the kitchen table while she graded her red pen a trusty sword shining in the midst of a stack of papers a mile high. She taught me her tricks and tips, her shortcuts and symbols, and as writing became a passion of mine, I began to realize that editing was one too.

​Throughout high school and college, I was always that girl with three of my friends’ papers wedged into my purse. I was the one in the café scanning college essays and dissertations and resumes. I love assisting in creating that final product the freshly printed, mistake-free masterpiece that is black words on a white page. 

After years of writing, editing, and tutoring, I founded Red Pen Wench in 2014 with the desire to continue assisting clients on their academic and professional journeys. I understand that the job search can be an agonizing process, but I also know that it can be a rewarding one. 

After writing nearly 400 resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, I began expanding my team in 2018. We remain devoted to offering a highly personalized and collaborative experience and we take the time to truly listen, research, and strategize so as to create the best possible career materials for every single client we serve.”