One Magic ChatGPT Cover Letter Prompt

If you’re searching for a ChatGPT cover letter prompt, you’re most likely in a rush to apply for a job. However, most blogs and tutorials about how to write a cover letter with AI use prompt sequencing. This method starts with one prompt and then requires you to ask AI a series of additional questions to keep improving the cover letter its writing.

But asking ChatGPT question after question is like playing a game of Whac-A-Mole. While you try to fix one problem, you’ll ultimately create another. Suddenly you’ll have 10 different versions of mediocre cover letters that you’ll need to painstakingly piece together. Isn’t this process meant to save you time?

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and the Owner and Founder of Red Pen Wench, I work with job seekers in need of cover letters every single day. While my team and I craft custom cover letters for our clients, I wanted to find a way to help professionals who are unable to hire an actual human to write for them. After much trial and error, I designed a simple formula that will allow you to create a strong and specific cover letter with AI in one shot. Every time.

Now specific is the important word here. Your output will only be as strong as your input.

I’ll show you why.

ChatGPT Cover Letter FAIL

The perfect cautionary tale came across my desk recently. We launched a job posting for a position here at Red Pen Wench, and in a matter of minutes, we received this cover letter from an applicant:

Hi Red Pen Wench,

I am writing to express my interest in the Associate Resume Writer position at Red Pen Wench. I am an experienced writer and editor with a passion for helping people find their dream jobs. I have been working as a freelance writer for the past 5 years, and I have written hundreds of resumes.

In my previous role, I was responsible for writing and editing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. I also assisted with fielding emails regarding Red Pen Wench services. I was able to consistently meet deadlines and provide clients with high-quality work. I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your team. I am a hard worker, and I am always willing to go the extra mile.

I am eager to learn more about the Associate Resume Writer position. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Name Redacted]

Take a look at this letter. We’ll call this applicant Joe. There are several major issues with Joe’s letter (nearly every sentence starts with “I…”, the content is super vague, there are cliches like “I always go the extra mile…”), but the part that really got my attention was this sentence: I also assisted with fielding emails regarding Red Pen Wench services.”

ChatGPT Cover Letter Generator

First of all, I do not know this person. He has never worked for me, so he definitely never fielded emails regarding Red Pen Wench services. This line tells me that Joe fed ChatGPT the job description we posted and nothing else. One of the main responsibilities on the job listing was: “Assist with fielding emails regarding Red Pen Wench services.” Obviously ChatGPT didn’t have much to work with, so it started pulling random phrases from the job posting and making up lies.

If you don’t give it enough information, ChatGPT will create things that sound plausible. Soon you’ll have a letter full of incorrect or misleading results. This is what the AI community calls “hallucinations.”

Trust me when I say that this letter did not impress our team. Joe did not get an interview.

So What Makes a Strong Cover Letter?

“Some may say a cover letter is a thing of the past because your resume speaks for itself. But your resume can’t talk and your LinkedIn profile is never the whole story.” —Forbes

A well-crafted cover letter is the best way to tell employers who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and how you can add value to their organization. Additionally, it’s the perfect place to express why your personality, passion, and work ethic make you exceptionally skilled at your job.

In a recent interview with LinkedIn, Gillian Kelly, a talent brand builder, noted that a cover letter should note “why you’re excited about the employer, what you’ll add to or how you’ll complement their culture, and how you’ll solve their unique problems.”

So is it really possible to use AI to write something that checks all of those boxes?

You bet it is. With the plug-and-play ChatGPT cover letter prompt that I’ve designed, you can do exactly that.

Red Pen Wench’s ChatGPT Cover Letter Prompt

Step One: Download our free ChatGPT cover letter prompt HERE.

You’ll receive it via email in a minute or two. If you’d prefer to create your own, simply open a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs and create something similar to the table you see below:

Red Pen Wench ChatGPT Cover Letter Prompt

Download This FREE ChatGPT Cover Letter Prompt!

Step Two: Copy and paste the appropriate information into each row of the table.

This ChatGPT cover letter generator has an introduction and six key sections: the job description, company information, your background, you unique selling points, a personalized approach (if applicable), and formatting and length. You can add as much or as little information as you have time for, but remember: generic answers will lead to a generic cover letter. Detailed answers will lead to a detailed cover letter.

You’ll see that the first section is an introduction. ChatGPT is more effective when you treat it like a human being. So start your message by introducing yourself and telling it exactly what you need:

Hi, my name is [Name], and I’m applying for a new job online. Please write me a compelling and specific cover letter that is less than 340 words. Only use the information I’m providing. Do not lie.

This cover letter prompt includes the words “compelling” and “specific” because they will produce a cover letter with more interesting sentence structure. Otherwise, ChatGPT will primarily write sentences that begin with “I am…” and “I was…” Yawn. If you’re looking for a more formal cover letter or perhaps something with a sense of humor, you can certainly use words like “formal” or “comedic” here instead. Keep your audience in mind. If you’re applying for a government job, you won’t want a super witty cover letter. If you’re applying for a role at Sesame Street, you’ll want to aim for more creative content.

The next aspect of your introduction deals with length. According to Forbes, the ideal length of a cover letter is around 300 words. Unfortunately ChatGPT will often write something far longer than this if not assigned a specific length. And the longer the letter, the more likely it is to include false information. With this in mind, I’ve requested a length that is under 340 words. This will give you a little room to cut a sentence or two if you don’t love everything ChatGPT has crafted.

I’ve closed the introduction with the instruction “Do not lie.” This phrase will help you avoid any issues like the one in the cover letter example above.

Once you’ve customized your introduction accordingly, the next step is to start filling in the prompt. If the prompt starts to look messy, don’t worry! ChatGPT just needs the text. After you’ve added all of your information to the table, you’ll then copy/paste everything right into the chat in one message to ChatGPT.

Here are some notes to keep in mind for each of the six sections:
  1. Job Description: Simply copy/paste the entire description of the job you’re pursuing.
  2. Company Information: Find the company’s website or LinkedIn page and copy/paste the information they have listed in their About section. It can also be helpful to include the company’s mission statement or philosophy if available. This will help ChatGPT incorporate their company values into the cover letter, demonstrating that you did your research.
  3. Your Background: Paste all of your resume content here. Be sure to include your summary section, experience, education, skills, etc. If you have a corporate bio, you can include that here too. Again, it doesn’t matter if it looks like a mess within the table. The text is all that matters.
  4. Unique Selling Points: Mention anything specific that you definitely want in your cover letter here. This might be a certain project or certification or achievement that’s particularly relevant to the role. Your unique selling points are the assets that will distinguish you from your competition and make your cover letter more compelling.
  5. Personalized Approach: This is a place to note any particular connections you may have to the company (i.e. your cousin works there, you met the founder at a conference, you interviewed there a few years ago, etc.) Another option for this section is to call out a recent project or innovation of the company’s that really impressed you.
  6. Formatting and Length: Customize the following phrase as needed: “Please write me a cover letter to send virtually that is no more than 340 words.” The word “virtually” is included here so ChatGPT doesn’t use the traditional formatting of a snail mail cover letter.
Step Three: Copy/paste the entire table into a message to ChatGPT and click Enter.

ChatGPT Cover Letter Generator

Step Four: Sit back and relax as your AI pal writes you a targeted cover letter.

To see an example of what this ChatGPT cover letter generator can create, be sure to check out our corresponding YouTube video.

Don’t Forget to Proofread!

Note that you will need to proofread the cover letter and possibly make a few adjustments to humanize the content. That said, with this ChatGPT cover letter prompt, the edits you’ll need to make should be minimal. This system will save you time and ensure that ChatGPT writes you something great in one shot.

You can repeat this process to generate a unique cover letter for every role you’re pursuing. It should only take you a few minutes to customize the prompt for each company and position.

Wishing you the best of luck with your job search! You’ve got this.

Additional Resources

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-Jillian Kinsey, Founder of Red Pen Wench