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Red Pen Wench

What’s the Resume Writing Process Like?2021-02-08T10:24:32-08:00

This is a collaborative process because you know yourself best! Once you’ve filled out our information form and payment has been submitted, you’ll have the option to schedule a phone consultation with your resume writer before they get started. After the consultation, we’ll get to work and we’ll be in touch with any questions that arise. Once you’ve received the first draft of your new materials, we gladly offer up to two rounds of revisions.

How Can I Get Started?2021-02-08T10:22:59-08:00

You can start your order here:

After your order is placed, you’ll be redirected to our information form. Once we’ve received everything, your writer will be in touch ASAP!

What’s the Turnaround Time?2022-06-26T15:39:17-07:00

Our turnaround time is typically ​6-8 business days, but we have quicker turnarounds available for an additional fee.  If you’d like your resume and/or cover letter back in 3 business days, it will be an extra $60. For 2 business days, it will be an extra $80.

How Do I Pay?2021-09-27T19:53:03-07:00

We take payment via our website (, Zelle or PayPal to, or Venmo @redpenwench!

How Much Will It Cost?2022-06-26T17:50:38-07:00

Resumes:  Prices are based on your experience. Entry-level (for students ages 17-24 with 0-2 years of experience) resumes are $180, Professional-level (2+ years of experience) resumes are $240, and Executive-level (15+ years of experience OR 2+ pages of content) resumes are $290. There will be additional fees depending on the length of your current resume. Each package includes resume rewrites, edits, and a brand new design in PDF and editable Microsoft Word or Google Doc format.

Add-Ons:  If you’d like to add a professional cover letter or LinkedIn profile update to the package, each will be an additional $100.  If you’d like both of those add-ons, it’ll be an additional $190.

Who Will I Be Working With?2021-02-08T10:27:25-08:00

We have a team of professional resume writers on staff here at RPW.  We assign each resume project based on our respective strengths and experience so as to ensure you the strongest possible result.

Learn more about our team here.

How Many Drafts Are Provided?2021-01-28T17:24:04-08:00

Once you’ve received your first draft, we gladly offer up to two complimentary rounds of revisions within the first two weeks. If you require more edits after the project is closed, we will ask that you pay an additional editing fee (rate depends on the extent of the revisions).

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