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  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing Services by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench
  • Resume Writing by Red Pen Wench

“Your resume is the most important document in your job search. It’s your frontline fighter, your first opportunity to present yourself to a potential employer.” Business News Daily

Our resume writing services will leverage your expertise, experience, and achievements in order to showcase you as the best possible job applicant.

In a 30-45 minute phone consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to us about your vision for your career, your goals, and any particular details we should know about your job search and who you are as a professional.

After reviewing the positions you’re interested, we’ll rewrite your content — enhancing your bullet points, adding a professional summary, and improving the overall structure of your resume so that it accentuates your unique skill set and demonstrates how you add value to the organizations you serve. We’ll also ensure that your resume includes crucial keywords for Applicant Tracking Systems within your industry. In addition to revising your content, we’ll reformat your resume using one of our custom design templates to guarantee that it stands out amidst piles of others.

Our resume writing process is highly collaborative, and we provide up to three drafts to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the end result.

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  • *By adding interview coaching to your package, you’ll have the opportunity to work with us one-on-one via video call and we’ll provide extensive feedback and coaching to ensure you’re more than prepared for your next interview.
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Resume Transformations

Use the sliders below to see examples of our clients’ resumes before and after working with our team.

Before Working with Red Pen WenchAfter

Monica hired us to rewrite and redesign her resume, which was quite sparse. After a 45-minute strategy call where we chatted with Monica about her experience, expertise, and career goals, we crafted a much stronger, more specific resume to support her job search. We wrote her a descriptive Summary, added a Skills section, and enhanced her bullets to highlight her achievements and how she’s added value to the agencies she’s served.

Here’s an example of a drastic resume transformation. Chase is a CPG executive and entrepreneur with some incredible career accomplishments, but his resume appeared rather juvenile and was really underselling him. He hired us to rewrite and redesign it in under a week. We chatted with him, built stronger bullet points for each role, highlighted his strengths in Summary, Expertise, and Skills sections, and greatly improved the design.

A Five-Star Business Rating on Yelp, Google, Upwork, and Facebook!

“Linda asked great questions, re-worked and transformed my resume in a way I would have never been able to do. This team can really do wonders for you if you’re looking to get to that next level in your career or at least looking to update it. I was able to land a new job a few months later with an elevated title that I had been aiming for. The team at Red Pen Wench were consummate professionals and excellent to work with!”

Kevin N.

Digital Marketing Executive
Interview Coaching Client Testimonial
“Working with Dana, as well as the entire Red Pen Wench team, made applying to jobs less daunting. During the interview coaching, Dana carefully pulled out key phrases to help hone in on the specificity of my answers, while also working with me to craft a brief elevator speech on my work. Her dedication and support have had an everlasting effect on my confidence and eased my nerves during the stress of interviewing.”

Rebecca K.

Theatre Director & Educator

“My expectations were exceeded with both my finished resume and the time for completion. Red Pen Wench has talented writers who truly listen to the needs of their customers.”

Laurel N.

Global Fashion Executive

“The team was extremely attentive and took time to schedule a call to understand every detail of my experience. They genuinely want the best for every client. This is, without a doubt, the best choice when you are working on your resume.”

Raylen S.

Creative Project Manager

“I’ve had nothing but the best experience. My writer worked diligently to research my field and create a resume that reflected my strengths and ensured I would appeal to recruiters. Her cover letter was excellent, the resume was eye-catching, and best of all, the rates were fair and competitive.”

Kendrick R.

Real Estate Agent

“My intake form must have been 10 pages long…Red Pen Wench combed through all that mess, plucked out my most relevant strengths, and created the most beautifully articulate resume. It is as if they read my messy mind and spit it out as a masterpiece!”

Stephanie G.

Corporate Trainer & Sales Specialist

“Red Pen Wench rewrote my entire resume and created a custom design based on my request. They were great! Super personable and responsive. Highly recommend!”

Rhudy C.

Associate Director of Marketing, Island Records

“This truly is as good as it gets! I could not be happier with how my resume turned out. RPW was quick to respond, incredibly thorough, and responsive every step of the way. My writer was creative in design, assertive in her writing, professional, and amenable.”

Jordyn F.

Director of US Programming, Jellysmack

“RPW helped me perfect my resume for my dental school application and I couldn’t be happier! My writer was clever, genuine, and quick. I was so impressed by her ability to analyze my content and instantly help me visualize a plan. I’ll definitely be reaching out for future resume and essay help. 100% recommend this team.”

Marisol G.

Dental Student

“Ren Pen Wench is the absolute best company to use for any of your resume needs. They are incredible with all phases of the creative process. From coming up with strategic content to meticulous editing skills and stunning resume templates, they can add value to your resume top to bottom.”

Jared T.

Scripted Film & TV Agent